Frequently Asked Questions

Please check our frequently asked questions, if you still can't find the answer you are looking for or what further information please give us a call 506-854-7253 we are always pleased to here from you.
How long have you been established?
CBL has been a registered company since 1994.

Where did the name come from?
Chatham Biotec Ltd. was original founded as a technical based company for the development of a seventy-million dollar project to produce ethanol from wood by-products in 1994.  The project was ambitious and ahead of its time, in 2000 a new life was breathed into the company with an equally ambitious task of developing Canada yew for its anti-cancer treatments.  The name CBL represents progressive change in traditional industries.

Why do we harvest Canada yew (ground hemlock)?
We harvest Canada yew so that our customers can extract a taxane called paciltaxel which is used to treat cancer.

When do we harvest Canada yew?
Canada yew is only harvested in the spring, depending on the harshness of the winter and then again in the fall until the first snow fall.

Why don't we harvest year round?
In the summer (June-August) the pacilitaxel content in the Canada yew drops dramatically so that the Canada yew is no longer beneficial to our customers.

PEI Regulations?
The harvest of Canada yew is regulated on PEI so we can only harvest from August 15th through April 30th.

All harvesters are trained before they start work in order to ensure that the product is harvested sustainably.

How do you (the harvester) get paid for the Canada yew harvested?
When you take the Canada yew to the buying station for weighing you will be paid the set rate per lb for the product.

Canada yew on your land?
You can earn money from any Canada yew that is harvested on your land.

Who would harvest the Canada yew?
You can either harvest the Canada yew yourself and get paid for both the product and the landowner fee or you can allow a harvester on your land and just collect the landowner fee.

How do you know how much product was taken from your land?
All the product taken from your land is recorded by the harvester and passed on to the buying station who keeps a record and arranges payment with yourself.

Any other natural resources on your land?
Give us a call we are always interested in other resources and may already have a market set up for them.

How much product do we buy?
We have the resources to buy as much as anybody is selling, including blueberries and cranberries.

How much do we pay?
We pay above the field prices set out each year.

What services do we offer?
We help to arrange funding through government programs, pesticide supply and bees supply/delivery.