About Us

Chatham Biotect Ltd. (CBL)'s focus is to supply regionally harvested materials from the forest, farms and ocean of Atlantic Canada and northern eastern US states in an added value format to meet our customer's needs for fertilizer, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical ingredients and industrial materials.  CBL's goal is to supply the best quality product for the lowest price possible by being directly involved in the procurement of all raw materials straight through to the final product.  By taking a vertically integrated approach from the start to finish with all our products CBL can guarantee sustainability, quality, reliability, traceability and the lowest costing possible by removing unnecessary middlemen.

CBL strengths include:

  • 40,000 sq ft drying and extraction plant with separate 30,000 sq ft storage facility
  • Strong international partnerships in drying/extraction and R and D development companies
  • 13 internationally registered pharmaceutical related patents, 3 mechanical Canadian patents pending
  • Over 3,5000 acres of forestry/farm land in production of several raw materials including windmills
  • CBL is 100% privately owned by the current acting president.